Common types of accident

Common types of accident include but not limited to:

  • Injuries due to failure to provide safety equipment.
  • Slipping on wet floors due to spillages that fail to be cleaned.
  • Injuries from defective equipment failure to train employees on how to use equipment correctly.
  • Trips caused by defective floor surfaces or obstructions.
  • Falling from a height due to inappropriate work equipment or safety equipment.

If you have had an accident at work and suffered injury, then please contact us immediately to discuss your case. 

It Is often the case that although employees have suffered injuries at work, sometimes serious injuries, they do not make any claim against their employer due to company loyalty or due to the fear of losing their job. Although company loyalty Is commendable, your employees is legally obliged to insure against the risk of injury to their employees and therefore will have appropriate cover to compensate you for your injuries. Furthermore it is illegal for an employed to end your employment due to the fact that you have made a claim for compensation due to the negligence of the employer.