Employers are responsible for having a safe working environment

Employers are responsible for having a safe working environment; the law makes sure of this through strict regulations.

There are strict statutory regulations that an employer must follow to ensure the safety of employees at work. If you have suffered an injury at work it is important that you contact us immediately for advice on whether you have a claim against your employer. 

Employers are not only legally obliged to ensure that their employees are working in a safe environment but are also duty bound to ensure that any equipment, surfaces, machinery etc are safe. Furthermore they are obliged to ensure that employees are trained, safety equipment is available and to a satisfactory standard and risk assessments are done in order to ensure the safety of employees. These are some, but not all of the duties incumbent upon an employer. 

Unfortunately, some employers neglect the regulations, perhaps to save costs, through lack of knowledge or as a result of a complete lack of care for their employees. In any event, under these circumstances, a work place can become a dangerous place and often results in accidents that are not the fault of the employee.